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Bergen – the first city in Europe with economic benefits for ride-sharing?

May 18th, 2015

Beginning in January 2016, the City of Bergen plans to introduce an extra fee for those who pass the toll road during rush hours. At a recent breakfast meeting for planners and the public, the city’s Commissioner for Urban Development, Climate and Environmental Affairs, Henning Warloe, introduced the idea that ride-sharers can get exclusive toll refunds.

The project “Spontaneous ride-sharing” and the Bergen Chamber hosted a breakfast meeting on May 12th, in cooperation with the CARE-North plus project. Around 30 participants heard of practical experiences with ride-sharing and how the political level in the City of Bergen can help support ride-sharing as a remedy for reducing the traffic in the city centre.

The airport director, Aslak Sverdrup, is an enthusiastic ride-sharer and one of the few leaders in Bergen that “walks the talk” on this subject. He also has plans regarding how the airport in Bergen and other cities can be designed to promoting ride-sharing, for example, by establishing meeting points and car parking for this purpose.

The project “Spontaneous ride-sharing” is headed by Arild Eggen at the Public Roads Administration. Eggen shared experiences made so far and further efforts that are necessary for the project to succeed. It is important that politicians start to see ride-sharing as a part of the way of travelling in the future.  Therefore, it is a great pleasure that one of the leading politicians in Bergen, Henning Warloe, supports the idea by proposing to give economic benefits to ride-sharers on Bergen’s toll road.

Following the meeting, there was good local media coverage and an ongoing debate about this subject was initiated. Hopefully, Bergen will be the first city in Europe to lower fees for those travelling with two or more people in a car!

The meeting opened with the preview of the new teaser about ride-sharing. The film is in Norwegian, but the massage is easy to understand. Just have a look here!