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CARE-North plus Final Conference a Success!

April 22, 2015

Last week, on April 15th and 16th, project partners, stakeholders, planners and politicians from the North Sea Region as well as the public were invited to attend the CARE-North plus Final Conference “On the Move – Transport Strategies for the North Sea Region” in Bremen.

With over 70 participants, the conference was well attended and addressed the issue of transport strategies for a low carbon future in an intense and diverse way.  Some of the highlighting contributions to the conference included: a presentation from Susan Zielinski (Managing Director at SMART, University of Michigan), who drew a global perspective on challenges and solutions for sustainable transport.  Marcelo Cintra do Amaral, the director of urban planning in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, highlighted their innovative perspectives that gained them the global Sustainable Transport Award this year. Filip Watteeuw, the deputy mayor of Ghent, shared insights from his work, where a car-sharing action plan similar to Bremen’s is to be implemented.

During the conference’s breakout sessions, specific topics of sustainable transport such as bicycling culture, electric and shared mobility, scenarios on future mobility were discussed in smaller groups. These sessions were held by project partners and served as an in-depth look at project results and how each partner deals with mobility challenges through innovative approaches in their region. The sessions were followed by a short speech by Dr. Joachim Lohse (Minister of Environment, Construction and Transportation in Bremen). Finally, the ten sustainable mobility recommendations generated by the CARE-North plus project consortium were presented using items and objects symbolically underlining the importance of these messages.

Day one of the conference ended with a casual “rolling” evening reception on Bremen’s Party Tram, showing that CARE-North plus seeks to apply thematically appropriate mobility and entertainment to all aspects of the project.

On the second day, car sharing and the question of how to reduce the number of cars in cities was the point of focus. Participants could share different experiences and gain knowledge from successfully established and growing car club projects (e.g City of Aberdeen) as well as start-up concepts (e.g. City of Warsaw) from various European cities. In the afternoon, the conference participants were able to view practical examples of on-street car sharing stations and learn more about their implemented in Bremen.

All in all, the conference created a forum for a valuable exchange of ideas and concepts.  

The presentations given at the conference are available to download here in the Download Area of the CARE-North plus website.

To read a review by Robert Gordon University of some of the presentation and documentation methods at the conference, visit the RGU Visualisation blog.