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CN+ Hosts Scenario Workshop on Autonomous Transport

February 4th, 2015

In January, transportation experts, researchers and planners came together in Wremen, on the shores of the North Sea, for a three day, in-depth scenario workshop on autonomous transportation. While vehicle manufacturers and research institutions are hard at work creating and testing first iterations of autonomous vehicles for various settings and purposes for the market in the near future, this is a topic that has been largely untouched on by transportation planners and politicians. As the internet has revolutionised the way we communicate today, developments in autonomous transport have the potential to drastically change the way people and goods are moved and may shape the cities and regions of the future in unimaginable ways. The workshop, organised by the City of Bremen, brought participants together to learn more about current research being conducted around driverless vehicles and to discuss potential benefits, risks and opportunities of automated transportation on urban, rural and freight transport as well as how such developments could influence jobs and the market economy of the future and potential legal implications.

The results of the scenario workshop will be presented at the upcoming “On the Move” CARE-North plus final conference and published in the form of a paper soon.