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"On the Move - Transport Strategies for a Low Carbon Future" - Presentations of the CARE-North plus Final Conference

Here you can download all of the presentations held by the CARE-North plus project partners and guest speakers at the two-day project final conference titled "On the Move - Transport Strategies for a Low Carbon Future".

Day 1_01_Challenges for Mobility of the future in the North Sea Area_City of Bremen.pdf3.51 MB
Day 1_02_Catalysing Low Carbon Mobility_Susan Zielinski.pdf4.83 MB
Day 1_03_Belo Horizonte-Perspectives of Sustainable Mobility_Marcelo Cintra do Amaral.pdf2.81 MB
Day 1_04_Themes and Faces of CN+_City of Bremen.pdf3.8 MB
Day 1_05_Implementing Advanced Solutions in Ghent_Filip Watteeuw.pdf4.54 MB
Day 1_06_CN+ Sustainable Mobility Policy Recommendations_ICLEI.pdf492.21 KB
Session 1B_The Range of Electric Mobility_Bergen and Hordaland.pdf1.44 MB
Session 2A_Shared Mobility in Ghent_Taxistop.pdf2.95 MB
Session 2B_Creating a Cycling Culture from Scratch_WYCA.pdf2.88 MB
Session 3A_Changing Faces of Cities at 5 Euro per Litre_RGU.pdf2.23 MB
Session 3A_Changing Faces of Cities at 5 Euro per Litre_WYCA and Urban Dynamic Model.pdf3.11 MB
Session 3B_Autonomous Transport-Risks and Opportunities for Cities_Glotz-Richter.pdf2.63 MB
Day 2_01_Shared Mobility-A Matter of Principle_Taxistop.pdf3.21 MB
Day 2_02_Reducing the number of cars in Bremen_Michael Glotz-Richter.pdf4.52 MB
Day 2_03_Car Clubs in Britain _Chas Ball.pdf1.01 MB
Day 2_04_Amsterdam Research Results of Free-Floating Car-Sharing_Stephan Suiker.pdf2.19 MB
Day 2_05_Starting a Car Club from Scratch_Alan Simpson.pdf1.15 MB
Day 2_06_Car sharing amongst neighbours_Jeffrey Matthijs.pdf4.68 MB
Day 2_07_Utrecht-A City with a Strong Car-Sharing Culture_Marijn Kik.pdf3.31 MB
Day 2_08_Launching a Car Club in a City that Loves Cars_Warsaw_Tamas Dombi.pdf2 MB
Day 2_09_CARE North plus and the NSR Experience_Jesper Jönsson.pdf623.19 KB