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Second Workshop in Shanghai! - Sustainable urban transport@EXPO2010

CARE-North makes it to Shanghai - again. In September with a  CARE-North workshop about the Car-Sharing theme. 

The City of Bremen is invited to present its approach on urban sustainable mobility at the World Exposition EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, which focuses on the theme ‘Better City – Better Life’.

Bremen was selected as ‘Urban Best Practice Example’ with its integration of Car-Sharing – giving access to a car without the need of ownership. Car-Sharing helps to solve the problem of limited space and supplements public transport in an effective way. In conjunction with the workshop, the first Car-Sharing service in Shanghai – similar to the Bremen example - was launched by Senator Dr. Reinhard Loske.

Download the workshop agenda and the presentations in English below.


EXPO-workshop-sustainable-urban-transport-chin.pdf707.71 KB
EXPO-workshop-sustainable-urban-transport-en.pdf602.17 KB
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Shanghai, China
7. September 2010 - 14:00 - 9. September 2010 - 17:00