Bitcoin is showing some signs of strength today as its buyers try to turn $ 16,000 into a layer of support.

Although he has not yet been rejected at this level, he has not succeeded in firmly establishing himself above this level.

An on-chain analyst now expects Bitcoin’s ongoing rally to expand significantly before buyers encounter major resistance

He is paying particular attention to a surge to $ 24,000, commenting that this could be the point where the bulls finally lose ground and Immediate Edge sees a sharp retreat.

Bitcoin is currently breaking the resistance level at $ 16,000, which is proving to be a bit difficult as buyers and sellers continue to battle for control of this key brand.

Should BTC surpass $ 16K permanently, there could be further significant gains in the coming days and weeks.

A trader now notes that numerous on-chain indicators are suggesting that Bitcoin is poised to recover in the coming days and weeks.

However, he believes the cryptocurrency’s 350-day EMA – which is around $ 24,000 – will prove to be serious resistance and potentially trigger a large sell-off.

Bitcoin is gaining ground, bulls are targeting USD 16,000

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 16,200. Should BTC be rejected here again, it could face a sharp downtrend that would cut it deep in its recent earnings.

However, a sustained break above this level would be incredibly positive and could potentially help drive the asset to new all-time highs.